Biofeedback Therapy

Mosaic Mental Wellness offers biofeedback therapy in Wichita, KS. The primary purpose of biofeedback is to help you develop awareness of your physiology and how your body responds under stressful conditions.

Biofeedback therapy (also referred to as neurobiofeedback or neurotherapy) helps you learn how to use your new awareness to develop self-regulation of brain function. Finally, it teaches you how to generalize what you have learned in training to everyday life situations.

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Biofeedback Uses

Although this type of therapy sounds complicated, the techniques used are relatively simple, and incredibly beneficial in the treatment of some health conditions. It is often used in treating:

  • anxiety
  • panic
  • chronic pain
  • migraine or tension headaches
  • Raynaud’s Syndrome
  • high blood pressure

In addition to treating health issues, biofeedback is also widely used to improve performance in sports and other physical activities.

Biofeedback Therapy Consultations

Jenni Harshbarger, PhD, LP, is a licensed biofeedback therapist in Wichita, KS. She offers a free 30-minute consultation.  This consultation provides you with an opportunity to ask questions about biofeedback therapy and learn more about our process.

Ready to learn more? Contact us today to schedule your free 30-minute consultation with Dr. Harshbarger.