Family Counseling

Parent Coaching and Support

Parenthood is a journey, and your kids are learning just as much as you are. You may feel lost at times, unsure how to effectively communicate with and discipline your child. You might lose your temper, yell at your children, or find yourself worrying whether you are providing your children everything they need to thrive.

Our parent coaching offers you an opportunity to grow as a person so you can be a better parent. Through one-on-one sessions or as a couple, we will work to identify your unique strengths and apply them to core parenting skills you can use to be more engaged, relaxed and balanced at home.

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Family counseling services

Blended Families

Blending families bring many positives, but can present unique challenges, especially in the beginning as everyone adjusts to their new normal. Even years after coming together, blended family members may struggle as life stages shift and change. Our therapists’ goal is to help families regain and maximize their ability to function well in life and just have more joy.