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Great To Meet You!

Today we wanted to take some time to introduce you to our staff.  If you are thinking about starting services with us, or anyone else, it may feel scary and overwhelming.  Having an opportunity to get to know us a bit before making that decision, will hopefully put some of your worries at ease. First up, Dr. Jenni Harshbarger, Ph.D.:... Read More

Healing Past Hurts

We often walk through daily life trying to push away and hide our pain from the past. We hope that if we stuff it long enough, it will stop holding us back from living the life we deserve, but we find that it just isn’t possible to keeping stuffing it. Healing Past Hurts is an introductory class combining mindfulness skills... Read More

Mindfulness For Chronic Pain

Learn techniques to relax, manage stress, improve self-esteem and cope with pain, through mindfulness, meditation and movement. Are you suffering from chronic pain? If so, you’ve probably tried a variety of treatment options. Recent studies have shown that Mindfulness Meditation can be an effective, drug-free alternative to pain management. Learn simple techniques to help you take control and manage your... Read More

Mosaic Mental Wellness in Wichita

Mosaic Mental Wellness, Now Taking Appointments

Mosaic Mental Wellness is a place where you are safe to explore and discover what you want out of life, and what may be interfering with your ability to be present and live a vital, and fulfilling life. We assist clients with individual counseling, couples therapy, group counseling, psychological assessments and biofeedback. We’re conveniently located in Old Town in Wichita, KS.... Read More