Group Counseling

In group counseling, you will meet with a licensed therapist and a small group (6 to 8 people) who are experiencing similar concerns to your own. Group counseling can sound intimidating at first; however, there are a lot of benefits to group counseling and you may be surprised at how rewarding the experience can be.

Group Counseling in Wichita

Our goal is that group acts as a local support network and a sounding board.  Many people have mental health issues; however, very few have an outlet to discuss them.  This leaves people feeling isolated, and as if they are the only ones struggling.   The unique group dynamic allows you to listen and talk to others who are experiencing similar concerns or experiences, which can put your own difficulties into perspective, and can bring a sense of relief as you recognize that you are not alone.

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group counseling

Group Counseling Sessions That Are Forming

Mindfulness Group

It is an incredibly busy world, and we often get caught up in thinking too much about the future or too much about the past to really pay attention and enjoy the present. Mindfulness is a type of meditation that teaches you how to purposefully focus your attention on the present moment, without judgment.  Research has shown mindfulness to be a key component in “happiness, “and can be an effective intervention for the management of depression, anxiety, chronic pain, eating disorders and a number of other emotional and physical concerns.  This is a time limited group (8 sessions).

Food and Feelings Group

A group designed for those who struggle to maintain a healthy relationship with food, and often find themselves binge eating as a way to soothe their own emotions.  This is a time limited group (approximately 15 sessions).

Animal-Assisted Recovery Group

This group is for Women age 16 to 23 looking to work through their depression and anxiety with a little help from a different type of friend.  The group will focus on building safety, and exploring and building self-worth.    This is group runs in 10 weekly sessions.