Grief is a complicated and deeply personal experience that everyone goes through at some point in their lives. How to navigate through that experience can at times be overwhelming and seem impossible.

How people react to grief can look very different and depend on a variety of factors. People may find themselves unable to get out of bed, struggling to make it through any of their normal routines. Someone else may simply try to ignore the emotions, increasing their pace of life in an effort to avoid the grief.

The feelings people experience after the death of a loved one can be so varied and confusing that you aren’t sure what is normal, often along with feelings of sadness of loss you may feel anger and frustration, sometimes guilt and regret.

When you feel any of these emotions have become too much for you it is important to reach out to someone who can help you, family or friends can help and support you through your feelings of grief.

If your feelings become too much though, reach out to a therapist who can help guide you through these difficult and confusing emotions so you have someone there to walk by your side as you continue to work through your grief.